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Seed of Life represents and supports a lifestyle of natural and holistic living and is committed to providing products and services which promote health, well being and harmony with respect for the Earth. 
We do our best to uphold ethics which include using UK suppliers of ingredients and packaging, minimal use of plastic, biodegradable and compostable labels and inks, supporting the zero waste movement by supplying zero waste shops with bulk bottles of face cream for your refills.

I started my company - Seed of Life Holistic Health - when I realised that many other people would also benefit from using the products I was making for myself.

As a teenager I suffered with very sensitive skin and was prone to bouts of dry skin and eczema on my face and on other parts of my body. I realised that I had to treat my body as a whole, that only dealing with the symptoms was not going to bring me lasting relief, and that it was essential that I look at any form of dis-ease from a holistic point of view.

I see our planet as a living body, that requires us to take a holistic approach in order to maintain good health and balance, just like our human bodies.

Simplicity is key, and to this end, I endeavour to source natural and organic ingredients that are UK produced, and I use home grown and wild harvested plants when possible.

I am strongly against the over manufacturing of plastic on the planet right now, and am working to raise awareness around REUSING packaging even more than recycling it.

The rapidly expanding zero waste market is great for this! I have chosen to work with aluminium tins to house my products as it is durable, does not break easily, is easy to clean, is reusable and also widely recycled. I am now using compostable and biodegradable labels. I am moving away from the blue glass jars as they have plastic lids, and intend for my packaging to involve the bare minimum of plastic, and I am making my products available to buy in zero waste shops where you can take your tin for a refill or buy a new one in store.

Join me in the natural and reusable revolution! 

With care and kindness,

Hetty Nutbeem