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Flower Essence Intuitive Remote Consultation

  • Flower Essence Intuitive Remote Consultation

Quite often I will make bottles without actually speaking with the recipient. This works well by removing the 'mind' factor from the equation, enabling Spirit to guide me in a meditative process to create the right blend just for you.

I do this with Bach Flower Essence cards which I use to guide me to the remedies most fitting for the individual. This is often amazingly accurate and suitable for people who don't wish to talk about themselves or disclose personal information as they might in a consultation.

As with the personal consultation, I will mix you a 30ml bottle especially for you and send it to you first class.

You are advised to take a few drops of the essence under your tongue morning and night, and you may also like to add it to your water or other drinks during the day.

Testimonials -

Pema Lee -
Hetty you’re amazing at finding the right flower remedy mix !! It’s another of the incredible skills you have to share πŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒˆ thank you for assisting me so many times with the right mix of flowers for me and my family πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ highly recommend! ✨🌷✨

Nalisha Lucy -
Hetts I remember the first bottle you made for me. Your approach is deeply intuitive & I found profound shifts in my emotional well-being. Lovely to see you sharing this xxx